Causes of dementia

Dementia is a condition that is very drastic for the person and his environment. The person himself is no longer aware that the person is still there.

This can be very heavy for the environment. Much research has been done on dementia to find out the causes of dementia. Yet there is still a lot that we do not know.

There are already a number of causes known. There is still some uncertainty about it. Nevertheless, causes for dementia have already been identified. The more we know about the causes of dementia, the more we can prevent dementia. Ten to twenty percent of the number of cases of dementia could have been prevented according to the scientists. One of the biggest causes of dementia is an unhealthy lifestyle. The scientists indicate that with a healthier lifestyle among the population the number of cases of dementia decreases.

If someone lives unhealthy, the chance of dementia increases.

There are many causes of dementia. But these are the most important ones:

  • It is well known that smoking is very unhealthy. Unfortunately, many people still smoke. Nowadays more is known about the consequences of smoking. Among other things that you can get like cancer, also the chance of getting dementia is increased. Smoking is therefore one of the main causes of dementia at the moment.
  • Eating more and more unhealthily.
  • Obesity is an emerging disease. People are getting heavier. There is a lot of prosperity, this also brings a lot of overweight. A little bit heavier can not hurt, but an unhealthy weight can really contribute to dementia.
  • Movement is always healthy.
    Yet people are moving less and less. Too little exercise contributes to dementia. The unhealthy food causes high blood pressure. This is not conducive to counteract dementia.
  • Diabetes causes the risk of dementia.
  • Depressions
  • Training your brain is healthy.
    Too little brain training and your brain is deteriorating. The chance of dementia is bigger.

1. Dementia hereditary?

In general, dementia is not hereditary.

In most cases it is just a coincidence that people in the same family get Alzheimer. If you have family members who have had Alzheimer’s disease (dementia) after the age of 65, then the chance that you have Alzheimer’s disease (dementia) is slightly greater. However, the chance increases only a few percent. The chance is much more likely that you will not get the disease.

If dementia occurs before the sixty-fifth year of life, the chance that heredity plays a role is greater. In some families there is a form of hereditary dementia. An abnormal gene can cause dementia. Often, carriers of this gene get dementia at a young age. Often before their fiftieth year of life. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty about whether dementia is hereditary or not. Up to now, it has been hereditary in only a few cases. If you suspect that it is inherited in your family, you can contact your doctor. There must be a valid reason and sufficient plausibility to carry out such an investigation. If there is a suspicion and you do the research, you may find it easier to take measures to prevent dementia.

Hereditary research is only done if several people in the family have had dementia at a relatively young age. In other cases there is no question of heredity. If there is a presumption of heredity, that is to say to a gene, research is done among the first-degree family members.


We can reduce the risk of dementia by tackling the above causes. A healthy lifestyle contributes to this. Dementia total occurrence is of course impossible. This is because there are no medicines for it yet, too little is known about it, you can not prevent everything. Yet you can achieve a lot through prevention. It is of course great if you can reduce the risk of dementia through simple adjustments. It is first of all very important to keep your brain active.

There are various ways to prevent dementia.
You can think of: reading puzzles studying reading books there are simple tricks and techniques to train your memory. You can think of shopping lists, remember where things stand etc. memory games In addition, healthy eating is very important. There are various foods that contribute to a good memory. Eating enough fish can make a good contribution here.
Many social contacts and a positive attitude also help in the prevention of dementia.

You can do a dementia test on this website using a form with questions for family members and caregivers of suspected dementia patient, to map out any memory problems and cognitive decline in daily functioning. Read more about the test on Dementia test.