About us

How did this dementia test website originated?

Three colleagues who work in care for the elderly.
In their work they often noticed that the threshold can be high to go to the doctor with memory problems.
Often it is difficult to translate anxiety into clear symptoms or signals. They hope that in this way more people can get the right help.

A. van Enk, GZ psychologist, born in 1969.
Studied psychology at the Catholic University of Nijmegen, in the direction of psycho-gerontology (psychology of the elderly). Since 1995 working in mental health care for the elderly. In addition to neuropsychological research into cognitive disorders (both in the area of ​​dementia and non-congenital brain injury), among other things, also personality research and counseling in depression, anxiety and grief.

H. van de Mars, social-psychiatric nurse, born 1958. Studied at the High School for Healthcare in Nijmegen. Has been working in mental healthcare for the elderly for 20 years. Is active in the field of intake, screening, research and in guiding and caring for a number of Alzheimer cafés in the region.

J. ‘t Hoen, social-psychiatric nurse born in 1957.
Studied at the High School for Healthcare in Utrecht. Has been working in the healthcare for the elderly for many years. Specialization in the field of dementia in the elderly and adolescents, diagnostic research and works as a facilitator at the Alzheimercafé’s. Now has a private day care center for people with memory problems together with his wife and daughter

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